About Us

About Us

The Mediterranean is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. The Mediterranean Sea countries are some of the most visited places for vacations, such as Greece, France, Spain, Croatia, Italy, and Morocco. 

Hi, my name is Andrea Arthur and I have always been fascinated by the Mediterranean Basin. From the warm climate to the crystal clear sea, this area of the world is truly magical. 

I first learned about the Mediterranean in school and instantly felt a connection. I had posters on my bedroom walls of the place, collected postcards from the surrounding countries, and begged my parents to let us visit. 

It wasn’t until I had graduated college, however, that I finally got to see the Mediterranean Sea for myself. I saved enough money for my flights and backpacked my way through the Mediterranean Basin, marveling at my surroundings at every single stop. 

Andrea Arthur Persona

Returning back to the US was like another world. I strived to head straight back as soon as the plane’s wheels hit the tarmac. Fast forward three years later, and I now live in Croatia! I haven’t yet achieved my dream of getting a house where I can see the ocean. I’ll get there, though!

Anyway, my fascination with the Mediterranean has never faltered, and I want to share my knowledge with anyone who will listen. If you want to know more about the Mediterranean in all its glory, I hope you’ll love my website.

Who knows, maybe I’ll see you out here sometime!