Is Croatia as Hot as Greece?

summer heat in croatia

Wherever you’re thinking of traveling, it’s always good to know what you are getting yourself in for in terms of the weather and the climate. If you want to see Europe in the summer then you will want to know, is Croatia as hot as Greece? Typically, Croatia is slightly colder than Greece since it … Read more

Does Croatia Have Warm Beaches?

warm beach in croatia

If you’ve been thinking about holidaying in Croatia, but want to be sure that you’re going to be able to spend plenty of time soaking in the sun, sand, and sublime warm water of the Adriatic, the odds are pretty good you’ve questioned just how warm the beaches are in this part of the world. … Read more

Why Is the Water in Croatia So Blue?

blue water in croatia

There’s something almost romantic about the Adriatic Sea that distinguishes it from every other body of water around the world. Crystal clear and almost unbelievably blue all year round, it’s easy to get lost in the Adriatic Sea – not literally, but emotionally and spiritually. The reasons for the clear water on the Croatian coast … Read more

Are There Lots of Jellyfish in Croatia?

jellyfish in croatia

Croatia is rich in a wealth of history and architectural beauty, and there’s no denying that photos of the crystal blue beaches entice tourists to the country every year. Should one want to venture into Croatian waters, one might worry about what’s looming under the sea. Are there lots of jellyfish in Croatia, or any … Read more

What Are the Characteristics of the Bora Wind?

bora wind in croatia

There are a number of interesting weather phenomena out there, and among them is one known as the Bora wind. Of course, if you haven’t studied odd weather phenomena, you might be wondering – what exactly is a bora wind, and what does it do? The Bora wind is a strong, often short-lasting cold wind … Read more

Where Do Oranges Grow in the Mediterranean?

oranges in the mediterranean

The Mediterranean climate is picture-perfect for growing citrus with its beautiful year-round temperatures, just the right amount of sun exposure, and unbelievably fertile soils. Oranges grow particularly well along the southern Mediterranean, where several countries grow, cultivate, and harvest their unique varieties of this popular citrus fruit. Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, and Morocco have … Read more

Why Are Mediterranean Beaches So Rocky?

If you’ve spent some time around the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean Sea, or you are thinking of visiting in the future, then you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of stones and pebbles to be found. So, why are Mediterranean beaches so rocky? Many Mediterranean beaches are rocky because of the erosive forces … Read more

Which Winds Bring Rain to the Mediterranean?

rainfall in the mediterranean

The Mediterranean region is fairly dry and has only two seasons, summer and winter. While rainfall is not abundant in the summers, you can expect quite a bit of rainfall in the winter. The question arises, which winds bring rain to the Mediterranean? The winds that bring rain to the Mediterranean are the north and … Read more

Is the Atlantic Colder Than the Mediterranean?

temperature atlantic vs mediterranean

Due to its smaller size and shallower depths, coastal winds have a greater effect on surface water temperatures in the Mediterranean Sea than in the Atlantic.  The Atlantic Ocean is often considerably cooler than the Mediterranean Sea. There are a number of causes for this, one of which is location. In comparison to the Atlantic … Read more

Which Island In The Mediterranean Is The Largest?

Which Island In The Mediterranean Is The Largest?

When you are envisioning the Mediterranean Sea, you will probably be encompassed by images of rich blue waters and rocky cliffs. This sea contains numerous beautiful islands that contain a variety of cultures and countries. For some people, these islands are home while for others, they represent incredibly popular vacation spots.  The Mediterranean is surrounded … Read more