Which Island In The Mediterranean Is The Largest?

When you are envisioning the Mediterranean Sea, you will probably be encompassed by images of rich blue waters and rocky cliffs.

Which Island In The Mediterranean Is The Largest?

This sea contains numerous beautiful islands that contain a variety of cultures and countries.

For some people, these islands are home while for others, they represent incredibly popular vacation spots. 

The Mediterranean is surrounded by three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is also connected to the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Overall, the mediterranean sea contains over 150 islands that drastically vary in size and shape.

This list below outlines some descriptions of the largest islands in the mediterranean

The Biggest Mediterranean Islands


Without any doubt, Sicily is the largest island that is located in the Mediterranean Sea.

The 9,927 square miles contained on this island belong to Italy.

This island comprises rolling land along with tall volcanoes that overlook the stunning agricultural landscape.

This island usually experiences mildly wet winters alongside the dry summers that the Mediterranean is renowned for.

The inhabitants of this island derive from Roman, French, Greek, Albanian, Spanish and Swabian descent! 


Sardinia is another large island within the mediterranean sea. It comprises 9,300 square miles of land.

It contains numerous stunning coastlines that run alongside rocky cliffs. Similarly to Sicily, the climate on this island is typically mediterranean.

The inhabitants of this island are considered to be an ageing population as the fertility rate is considerably low on this island.


Cyprus is slightly smaller than its Italian counterparts. It consists of 3,572 square miles of land.

After experiencing decades of war over land ownership between Greece and Turkey, the island obtained its independence in 1960.

It has a population of 1.1 million people and the residents are able to experience a vast array of stunning sights and gorgeous weather conditions.

The country is also home to two mountain ranges that incorporate the plains area that lies between them.

The climate is considered to be subtropical. The two largest communities here are of Turkish and Green origin.

They do not tend to unite due to their religious differences.


Corsica is the 4th largest island in the mediterranean. This island belongs to France and consists of 3350 square miles of land. It only inhabits 322,120 residents to date.

It is far less developed than other regions within France itself and its economy is dependent on tourism. Napoleon Bonaparte was born on this island!


Crete is the 5th largest island in the mediterranean sea. It consists of 3206 square miles of land that belongs to Greece.

Despite being smaller in land area than Corsica, its population is nearly double and it is currently home to over 600,000 people.

The residents here value their heritage highly and you will often see people dressed in traditional clothing. 

Other Large Islands In The Mediterranean Sea

Other Large Islands In The Mediterranean Sea

Some other islands that have a large land mass are Euboea, Lesbos, Rhodes, and Chios.

Majorca, an incredibly popular destination for tourists, also consists of 1405 square miles of land.

The Impact Of Tourism 

Tourism plays an important role in the economy of nearly all of these islands.

The amount of tourists that visit these islands each year is nearly double the amount of permanent residents in some instances.

The large influx of tourism can also have an impact on the freshwater resources of the island itself.

Due to the higher demand for water over the summer months and the overuse of freshwater supplies, groundwater has become increasingly saltier and requires more treatment.

Therefore, it is crucial that these islands ensure that their freshwater supplies remain as sustainable as possible for the environment.

What Is The Most Populated Island In The Mediterranean Sea?

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the largest oceans on the Earth and it has served as a purposeful sea route for thousands of years (You might also want to check out What Connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea?).

Thus, the history of this sea is crucial to note when obtaining knowledge about how these islands have developed their individual cultures, especially when considering the European, African, and Asian influences that surround the sea.

This body of water is dotted with numerous islands, some being larger than others.

The population of these islands is greatly diversified. However, the most populated island in the Mediterranean Sea is Sicily.

Sicily is the largest populous island in this body of water. It belongs to Italy and is an autonomous region of this country.

The island of Sicily is separated from Italy to the north through the Strait of Messina.

The first evidence of human settlements on this island can be dated back to 12000 BC. From approximately 750 BC, the island was settled on by Greeks and Phoenicians.

Numerous empires ruled over Sicily at various times in history and this island is inherently populated by people who derive from a variety of ethnic origins and cultures. 


To conclude, the largest island in the mediterranean sea is Sicily.

Not only is this island the largest island in this body of water in regard to land mass, it is also the largest in regard to its overall population.

However, there are also numerous other large islands contained within the mediterranean sea, and these islands are often popular hotspots for tourists.

The Mediterranean Sea borders three continents: Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Thus, the cultural influence on these islands is vast with settlers arriving from a vast array of places over the course of history.

The culture contained within these islands is always intriguing and unique to the island itself, and thus, you should definitely consider visiting one of these large islands in order to immerse yourself in the heart of Mediterranean culture.

Absorb the deep blue waters and rocky cliffs and book your next trip to a mediterranean island today to witness the beauty of these islands for yourself.

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