What Is A Popular Spanish Snack?

Merienda is a customary afternoon snack in Spain, akin to afternoon tea in other cultures.

What Is A Popular Spanish Snack?

It is typically consumed between 5 and 6:30 p.m., however it can be consumed at any time before dinner.

Despite what appears to be elaborate unwritten regulations about what to eat in Spain and when (and where) to consume it, merienda is surprisingly simple.

It can be a sweet or savory snack, and people eat it at home, on the go (for example, at a park), or at a cafe.

The most significant aspect of the Spanish afternoon snack is that it provides another time during the day to eat something while speaking with friends and family.

Furthermore, depending on the eating habits of a Spanish family, there could be as many as seven or eight hours between meals.

Here are some popular things that Spanish people like to snack on between meals. 

Sardine Skewers

What Is A Popular Spanish Snack?

The basic espeto, or sardine skewer, is quite simple and derives from a technique established in the late nineteenth century in Malaga’s El Palo area, a tradition that has remained virtually unchanged ever since.

It is created simply with a few sardines roasted on a cane skewer over an open wood fire. Exactly like that.

If you don’t like sardines, you can try different fish such as sea bass or bream, as well as a wonderful squid.

Spanish Toast

What Is A Popular Spanish Snack?

The ingredient list, like French Toast, calls for a lot of bread. The bread slices are dipped in a mixture of milk, egg, and different seasonings.

This method allows the flavors to go deeper into the bread.

To crisp up the bread, use a frying pan. When everything is finished, you will have a very crunchy toast with a very juicy interior.

With each bite, the sweetness of the toast erupts inside your lips. To finish, sprinkle it with cinnamon to enhance the dish.


What Is A Popular Spanish Snack?

The names of Spanish sandwiches vary depending on the size and form of the bread used.

Savory merienda alternatives include cured ham sandwiches on baguette-style bread, ham and cheese sandwiches on square slices of Wonder-style bread, and more.

Patatas Bravas

What Is A Popular Spanish Snack?

Patatas bravas are typical tapas made with potato cubes drowned in a hot tomato sauce with garlic, onions, chili powder, and paprika.

This tasty combination of ingredients is a favorite late-night snack in many tapa bars in Spain.

The dish is generally served with aioli sauce on top, although there are a range of alternative toppings available, such as chorizo pieces or fried fish.

Ham Croquettes

What Is A Popular Spanish Snack?

Crispy croquetas de jamón are small and distinctive Spanish fritters with a crispy outside and a creamy center.

They use a thick version of buttery béchamel sauce as the main component, which is molded into little logs, covered in egg wash and breadcrumbs, and fried to become crunchy and golden.

Spanish croquetas can be cooked with a variation of ingredients, but this version, which contains diced ham, is the most popular.

The fragrant and spicy ham complements the luscious and gentle flavor of béchamel perfectly.


What Is A Popular Spanish Snack?

Churros are deep-fried yeast dough covered with sugar that are lengthy, crispy, crunchy, and very fragrant.

They were invented by Spanish shepherds who were able to cook them in a pan over an open fire.

These unusually shaped twists with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top are now most commonly eaten as a hot breakfast food in Spain, accompanied with a coffee or a cup of thick hot chocolate.


What Is A Popular Spanish Snack?

These fried, crispy, golden fritters have been popular in many nations since their inception in Spain.

These delectable treats have a crunchy outside and a meltingly soft interior.

A simple dough of eggs, milk, butter, and flour is formed into balls before being deep-fried.

Flaked salt cod, fresh parsley, vinegar, spring onion, paprika or curcumin (turmeric), lemon juice, salt, and pepper are used to flavor them.


What Is A Popular Spanish Snack?

Palmeras are sweet and flaky scroll-like pastry. They are available in almost every pastry store and supermarket in Spain.

Spaniards dip them in hot coffee or chocolate for breakfast or afternoon snacks. They’re just as good without anything added.

Puff pastry, a little butter, and sugar are all you need to make these mini-palmeras. Make enough for a party, brunch, supper, or an afternoon snack.

Anchovies And Cheese

What Is A Popular Spanish Snack?

This simple bar snack of sliced Manchego cheese topped with anchovy filets is known as Queso with anchoas in Spain.

It’s sometimes topped with roasted red pepper strips. It can also be drizzled with sherry vinegar, providing a tasty sharp contrast to the flavor of the cheese and the saltiness of the anchovies.

This delectable combination of flavors and textures is best savored with a glass of wine or beer.


What Is A Popular Spanish Snack?

Locals use olives as a snack or as a simple appetizer. In most parts of Spain, a little tapa of olives is often served free with your glass of beer or wine.

They’re a terrific way to start a meal or a salty snack to go with a cool beer or fino sherry.

Olives are great to snack on too as they are light and refreshing even by themselves. 


What Is A Popular Spanish Snack?

Mojama is a cured tuna delicacy from Spain. Wind-drying it for no less than three weeks so that the meat shrinks and darkens to a reddish-brown color is traditional.

It is commonly served as an appetizer or snack.

You can also find it in salads or paired with bread, anchovies, and olives, despite the fact that there are some who believe that mixing anything other than olive oil with the filets detract from the mojama’s peculiar flavor.


Between the delicious main meals served in Spain, you can still enjoy some smaller but just as tasty snacks which will keep you satisfied as you go about your day in Spain. 

The gap between lunch and dinner in Spain is much larger than that in the states and you will find it hard to find them not having a snack at around 6pm.

Andrea Arthur