Can You Get Sunburnt in Croatia?

risk of sunburn in croatia

If you’re planning a trip to the Balkans next summer, then you will want to make sure you are staying safe when you’re out on the beach or hiking in the countryside. You might be wondering: can you get sunburnt in Croatia? Most of Croatia gets hot over the summer and has long, bright sunlight … Read more

Should You Wear Water Shoes in Croatia?

beach in croatia where water shows are recommended

These days, Croatia is a popular hotspot for vacations, particularly for those who want to enjoy the sea and sun. But when it comes to packing and preparation, there are several questions that need to be answered, including that of footwear, such as water shoes. Water shoes are considered an excellent, even necessary component of … Read more

Do You Need a Car on Croatian Islands?

car on a road in croatia close to the sea

When you arrive in any foreign country you want to have the freedom to move around, get to where you need to be, and see as much as possible. Hiring a vehicle can be very expensive, though, so do you need a car on Croatian islands? While there are a lot of public transport options … Read more

Where Do You Fly to for Croatian Beaches?

croatian houses from above

When you’re traveling, the first thing you need to know isn’t what you need to pack: It’s where you need to go to get to your preferred destination. Case in point – where do you need to fly, and what’s your destination airport if you’re visiting Croatian beaches? If you’re planning to visit Croatian beaches, … Read more

What Food Is Santorini Known For?

What Food Is Santorini Known For?

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed world traveler or you love nothing more than trying new, delicious food from cuisines all over the world – there’s simply no denying that Santorini is a paradise island full of stunning sunsets, hot weather, and plenty of picturesque houses. Along with the beauty, one of the biggest reasons that Santorini … Read more

What Is Italy Known For?

What Is Italy Known For?

Italy is a European country that many people dream of visiting one day. Whether you visit Italy for a short trip or a month-long vacation, it’s a destination that is worth experiencing.  Italy is renowned for supplying the world with rich culture, delicious food, and stunning locations. Not to mention, it’s home to a plethora … Read more