Navigating the Ferry Split to Hvar: an Insider’s Guide

Sitting just off the Croatian coast, Hvar Island is one of the most visited Adriatic islands. The only way to easily reach the island is to take a ferry from Split to Hvar.

ferries in split port

There are three ferry routes from Split to Hvar. The most popular route, and the shortest journey, will take travelers to Hvar Town. This ferry takes just one hour. Other travel options include Split to Stari Grad and Split to Jelsa.

This page will cover everything that you need to know about the Hvar to Split ferry in Croatia. We are going to discuss journey times, potential prices, and routes to the ferry port. This information should make reaching Hvar simple.

Get Ferry Split to Hvar

There are multiple routes from Split to Hvar Island. These routes operate throughout the year, although during the peak summer months, you will often find that many more routes are running.

Those taking the journey to Hvar from Split will either be traveling on a catamaran or the car ferry service. The prices and sail times are slightly different for each of them. A foot passenger cannot go on the car ferry service, while a car cannot go on the catamaran.

The Split to Hvar ferry always leaves from Split Port. This is centrally located and is within easy reach of Split Train Station.

The prices for the Hvar ferry will vary depending on the ferry route and the time of year you are traveling. Depending on the exchange rate, foot passenger prices start as low as $18, and vehicles as low as $37.

Journey Time Split to Hvar

The journey time to Hvar will depend on the boat that you are taking, as well as the route that it is following:

  • If you are traveling to Hvar Town, you can expect the ferry to reach Hvar Town within one hour.
  • A journey to Stari Grad Ferry Port takes 2 hours.
  • A trip to Jelsa takes 1.5 hours.

Do note that trips to Jelsa are indirect connections. There will be stop-offs along the way.

Ferry Ports on Hvar Island

There are three ports on Hvar Island. You can travel to each of them from Split. Different ferry companies may offer different routes, and it may be worth thinking about which part of Hvar is most appealing to you.

  • Hvar Town
  • Stari Grad Ferry Port
  • Jelsa

Jelsa does have the fewest routes heading to it from the Split ferry port, with services generally only operating in the afternoon. The other routes operate from the early morning through to the late afternoon.

If you need to get into Jelsa but miss the ferry, then there are bus connections from both Stari Grad and Hvar Town.

Ferries Traveling to Hvar Island

Four companies operate routes to Hvar Island:

  • Kapetan Luka
  • Jadrolinija
  • Adriatic Fast Ferries
  • TP Line

Three of these ferry companies will only allow you to reach Hvar Town. The Jadrolinija ferry can take you to all three ferry ports on Hvar Island.

You can purchase tickets online for all of these routes.

Which Ferry Company is Best?

No one company is the best for traveling from Split to Hvar Island. It will be dependent on where you are heading on Hvar Island, as well as the time that you need to be there.

Most people do find the Jadrolinija ferries the best option. This is because they leave on a fairly regular basis and they are the only ferry company to cover all three routes.

You should have a comfortable trip no matter which Hvar-Split ferry you get on, though. All of the routes come highly rated.

Split to Hvar Ferry Amenities

Because the journey takes an hour to two hours, the Split to Hvar ferries are not brimming with amenities.

There will always be ample seating for anybody traveling on the ferries, with Jadrolinija offering some of the more comfortable seats. This seating will be both inside and up on the deck of the ferry.

Depending on which route you travel on, as well as the type of ferry, you may also find a small shop. On some Jadrolinija ferries, you will also find a small restaurant.

Do bear in mind that during the summer months and the high season, these ferries can get incredibly crowded. This means that if you are not on the ferry from Split earlier, you may not be able to take advantage of all that the ferry has to offer.

Cost of Ferry Hvar to Split

The cost of the Split to Hvar ferry will depend on when you are traveling, as well as the route that you are taking.

We will quote prices in Euros. These prices were accurate at the time of writing, but they may be subject to change throughout 2023 and beyond.

Foot Passengers From Split, Croatia to Hvar Island

  • €16 to Hvar Town
  • €8 to Stari Grad
  • €9 to Jelsa

Bicycle Passengers From Split to Hvar

  • €16 to Hvar Town
  • €7.50 to Stari Grad

Passengers with Pets

This will depend on the pet that you are carrying. Per pet, it could be from €8 to €16. These trips only go to Hvar Town.


You can only travel to Stari Grad with a vehicle.

The first price quoted is for the low season and the second for the high season.

  • Cars – €34/€43.
  • RVs, caravans, trailers, etc. – €66/€88.
  • Motorcycles – €10/€12.50.

Pre-Book Split to Hvar Ferry

If you are traveling on foot, then you do not need to pre-book your boat trip. Even during the summer months, there is always ample space on these boats. All of the operators will have ticket offices in Split port (close to the city center) for you to buy a ticket before travel.

It may be worth booking in advance, though. It will give you peace of mind, particularly during the winter season when fewer ferries are running and you don’t want to miss one.

If you are taking one of the car ferries to a Hvar Harbour, then we do recommend that you book in advance. Places can fill up pretty quickly. Again, you can book on the website for your selected ferry service.

If you buy tickets online, you will be sent a digital ticket that you must show during boarding.

Hvar Island Ferry Operating Months

The Hvar Island boats operate throughout the year, with more services running during the summer season.

Jadrolinija is the only company to operate year-round. The other companies stop at various points throughout the year, but most will only operate their services between April and October.

No matter the time of the year that you are heading to Hvar, Croatia, there will always be at least one catamaran and one car ferry operating.

Departure Times For Hvar Ferry

You should consult the Hvar Ferry operator’s website to find out their departure times. This is because they can vary throughout the year. Departure times are based on demand (higher in the summer season), the tides, and sea conditions

For most routes, there should be at least three departures per day during the summer season. The ferries start leaving early morning with the last ferries leaving at 4 pm/5 pm that day. Jelsa may sometimes have a single departure, often in the late afternoon.

During the off-season, most ferries do not operate. This means that there could be just one or two departures per day. These are always through Jadrolinija where the service runs non-stop throughout the year.

Split to Ferry Port Journey

The split ferry port is conveniently located within walking distance of the central bus station and central bus terminal. If you travel into Split on public transport and head for one of these destinations then you can’t miss it.

If you are driving into Split with a car or another vehicle, then follow the signs to the ferry port. The road signage is great throughout Croatia, particularly in Split.

If you are traveling from Split Airport, then you can get on the shuttle bus to the center of Split. This leaves from right outside the departures at Split Airport. This service continues to run as long as planes are taking off and landing at Split Airport.

Pedestrians on Hvar Ferry

Ferry operators offering ferry services on a catamaran are equipped to deal with pedestrians. They can also take bicycles.

Unfortunately, foot passengers cannot use the Split to Stari Grad car ferry. This is strictly for vehicles and bicycles. This means that your only option is either the ferry to Hvar Town or Jelsa.

Bicycles On Hvar Direct Ferry

If you wish to take a bicycle on Hvar ferries, then you have three options:

  • Catamaran to Hvar Town
  • Catamaran to Stari Grad
  • Car ferry to Stari Grad

Unfortunately, there is no route to Jelsa with a bike.

Pets on Ferry Ride

Only catamarans to Hvar Town can accept pets. You can only take dogs, cats, and birds on the catamaran. These will have to be paid for separately.

If you are taking a pet, then it should be secured at all times. Cats and birds must be in some sort of cage or carrier. You can take a dog on a leash.

Split Car Ferry to Hvar Island

Jadrolinija operates a car ferry to Stari Grad. This ferry can accept vehicles up to 20 feet in length. The cost of travel will depend on the size of your vehicle. You may be charged extra when you board the ferry.

Those who do not want to take their car on the ferry ride can leave it at the nearby Split train station.

If you do not have a vehicle, then there are plenty of car rental places throughout Hvar, including Stari Grad Town. However, public transport is so good that most people find they do not need it.

Hvar Town From Hvar Port

No matter where you dock on the island, you will find ample public transportation. All major municipalities on Hvar Island are connected. The frequency of the buses can change, particularly during the summer season, but you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

If you do not wish to take the bus, then there are always taxis around the port that can take you anywhere that you want on the island.

If you want to take a day tour around Hvar, then we recommend that you look into car hire so you are not beholden to public transport, which can get very busy on the island during the summer months.

Boats Hvar to Other Islands

There is a day trip to the Pakleni Islands from Hvar. It is a short trip, and there are departure times throughout the day.

The trip to the Pakleni Islands takes just 10-20 minutes, depending on the route that you take. This is a beautiful island group in Croatia and is a true paradise.

If you head here, then one of the main attractions is hiring a private speedboat, although there is also nature to explore for those who are keen to stay on land.

Final Thoughts

Multiple services are operating from Split to Hvar in Croatia. During both the summer and the winter seasons, you will always find multiple services operating.

If you are traveling on foot or with a bicycle, you do not need to book in advance. If you are taking a car to Split and hoping to get it over to Hvar, then we recommend that you book before you head to Croatia. It will save you a lot of hassle.

You can easily book all tickets between Split and Hvar online. The cost isn’t too high, especially if you are traveling without a vehicle.

Andrea Arthur