What Food Is Santorini Known For?

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed world traveler or you love nothing more than trying new, delicious food from cuisines all over the world – there’s simply no denying that Santorini is a paradise island full of stunning sunsets, hot weather, and plenty of picturesque houses.

What Food Is Santorini Known For?

Along with the beauty, one of the biggest reasons that Santorini is such a popular destination for travelers to visit is the delicious and authentic cuisine that ranges from traditional dishes such as Fava me Koukia all the way to the much-loved Greek salad.

But, what other food is this beautiful island known for?

This is what we’re here to answer. In this guide, we are going to be taking a closer look at some of the most iconic dishes that you can expect to find being offered on this island.

From traditional dishes, to sweet treats and more – this list will give you a much better idea of what food Santorini is known for.

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What Food Is Santorini Known For?

Full of history and surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, Santorini is not only home to warm weather and plenty of natural beauty – but it is also known for offering some of the best dishes made with some of the finest ingredients in the world.

Below, let’s take a look at some of the best dishes that this stunning island has to offer:

1. Taramasalata


If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Santorini soon, make sure that you don’t leave the island without trying Taramasalata at least once!

A true favorite in Greek cuisine, Taramasalata is a delicious fish roe dip that consists of a creamy blend of pink and white fish roe that is then topped with either a bread or potato base.

To add the perfect finishing touch, Taramasalata is then often topped with a dash of either virgin olive oil or a drizzle of fresh lemon juice. 

Sure, even though this is mainly a sauce – it complements tzatziki perfectly (another classic dip consisting of yogurt, garlic, and cucumber) and also features either bread or potato to make this a more filling dish to enjoy.

It’s a must-try and is one of the most popular dishes offered in Santorini! If you plan on making it yourself, we recommend that you pair taramasalata with a small dish, such as stuffed peppers or grilled meat. 

2. Dolmades


Here’s another yummy Greek food that can almost always be found offered in Santorini’s great plethora of beautiful restaurants! If you’re not already familiar with this dish, dolmades is a popular and beloved dish that is made all throughout Greece, not just Santorini. 

However, what makes this dish so special is that each region of Greece has its very own variation of this delicious dish – and Santorini is no exception to this!

If you’d like to try this classic dish in Santorini, you can expect to enjoy a classic vine lead parcel that has been hollowed out to make room for a delectable filling of courgettes, pepper, and tomatoes.

For meat eaters, you can opt for the addition of meat in the middle, and if you’re a vegetarian, you can alternatively opt for rice flavored with oregano, fennel, dill, and thyme.

3. Moussaka


What would our food list be if we didn’t make sure to include Moussaka?

This delicious dish is a favorite on the island of Santorini and typically consists of an oven-bake made with layers of aubergine, minced lamb, fried pureed tomato, garlic, potato, and a delicious topping of fresh cheese sauce. Yum!

If you’re interested in trying this dish next time you’re in Santorini, make sure that you pair it with a glass of ouzo…it complements this dish perfectly. It’s a must-try dish if you are planning to visit Santorini!

4. Baklava And Honey

Baklava And Honey

Even though Greek cuisine offers plenty of delectable savory dishes, there are also plenty of tasty sweet dessert options to choose from, too! In Santorini, one of the most popular dessert dishes that you can expect to find on the menu is baklava and honey.

This classic dessert consists of honey, filo, and ground nuts and is often served best with some fresh ice cream of your choice. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

5. Fasolatha


This next dish just so happens to be one of Greece’s national dishes, as well as one of the most popular soups offered in Santorini.

A classic white bean soup, this soup contains only a few ingredients yet still offers plenty of rich heartiness to make for a filling meal ideal for the warmer months.

Typically, in Santorini, this soup is often served with a sprinkling of thyme, bay leaves, and parsley – so make sure that you include those for an authentic eating experience if you are thinking about preparing this at home!

6. Sesame Koulouri

Sesame Koulouri

Another popular dish that Santorini is known for is Koulouri, which is a popular Greek breakfast food that consists of large rings of soft bread that have been delectably covered with fresh sesame seeds.

If you’re planning a visit to Santorini and you want to get up and out early to catch some of the popular tourist spots before the crowds – you should be able to find Koulouri being sold by street vendors! We recommend pairing it with an energizing cup of coffee, too.

7. Stuffed Yemista

Stuffed Yemista

Next up? Stuffed Yemista! Now, regardless of whether you’re a fan of Greek food or not, you absolutely have to try stuffed yemista at least once – and what better way to enjoy it than on the stunning island of Santorini?

This traditional Greek dish is popular all over Greece and is a staple on many menus across Santorini, too.

It consists of either tomatoes or peppers that are then carefully hollowed out so that they can be filled with a delicious filling of rice that is then carefully roasted in the oven until it is ready to be eaten.

There are plenty of variations to this dish, and it is common for stuffed yemista to also contain minced meat. 

8. Loukoumades


Last but certainly not least, the final food that Santorini is known for is loukoumades!

A true favorite and staple in Santorini street vendors and restaurants alike, loukoumades are essentially little doughnut-like bites that are fried to perfection before then being generously doused in honey.

Then, to make sure that they taste extra delicious (and before the honey has a chance to dry) these little doughnut-like balls are then usually topped with a topping of your choice, although the most common topping that loukoumades often have are either crushed walnuts, chocolate or even grounded cinnamon!

The Bottom Line

There we have it! These are just some of the most popular dishes that the beautiful island of Santorini is known for. The only question left to ask is – which dish are you going to try first?

Thank you for taking the time to read through this guide, and we hope that you enjoy trying out some authentic Santorini food for yourself! Goodbye for now.

Andrea Arthur