What Is A Typical Greek Breakfast?

While you may have come across the popular meme that Greeks love a cigarette and a coffee for breakfast, you will be happy to know that that is not true!

What Is A Typical Greek Breakfast

Well, while there is a little bit of truth in it, most Greeks would prefer more than just a quick puff and a mug of jova. So, before you head to Starbucks for your favorite latte, listen up!

Just like everyone else in the world, Greeks tend to skip breakfast altogether if they are in a rush and do not have time, or if they have long hours to work – tut tut. But even so, there is no typical breakfast in Greece like that of other countries.

While you might grab a ‘full English’ in England or a croissant in the romantic city of Paris, there are a few things that you can eat for breakfast in Greece.

This is because they have a plethora of ‘breakfast-based foods’ that will delight the senses.

In this article, we shall take a look at a few different breakfast samples and find out what a typical Greek breakfast is.

What Might A Greek Eat For Breakfast?

Historically, Greek breakfasts have always been on the fattier side. This was due to hard labor that would take up the day ahead. This is why animal fats were very popular in greek breakfast food.

It was also considered to be the most nutritious meal of the day too. Yogurt was a staple because it has protein, vitamins, and calcium within it. In the area of Western Crete, it wasn’t unknown to eat eggs alongside staka.

Staka is something that is similar to that clotted cream. It helped fill people up for the rest of the day while working in the countryside.

In places like Macedonia and Epirus, the breakfast tended to consist of pies that had lots of butter and cheese added to it. While it may be a little too heavy for some people to stomach in the morning, it was considered traditional.

While this might seem a lot for breakfast, farmers and laborers would then eat olives alongside homemade bread as a snack before lunch.

Even though the breakfast that we know in modern times today didn’t exist, some richer households did take on the breakfast staples from places like France.

It was an imported habit that consisted of the likes of white bread (French bread) and butter.

Traditional Greek Breakfasts

Whether you are planning a vacation to Greece, or you would like to create some Greek-inspired breakfast dishes, then take a look below. Here are some Traditional Greek breakfasts that are still eaten today.



If you prefer a cooked breakfast, then the Kagianas are a great choice. Also named strapatsada, it often is created by scrambling eggs in tomato sauce and olive oil.

They are then added to a saucepan with oregano and basil, as well as different cheeses like crumbled feta cheese. It is a delicious, creamy, filling breakfast!

Traditional Pie

Traditional Pie

The traditional pie is still a thing in Greece, though the portion sizes are smaller so you can eat them on the go.

The pie slices often have flakey phyllo pastry on the outside with a deliciously soft and tasty filling on the inside.

Often they are filled with spinach and feta cheese (spanakopita), as well as ham and cheese, and potato and herbs, among so much more.



If you were to head out on the road across Greece, you might opt for a koulouri, which is known as koulouri Thessalonikis to locals. This is because it originally comes from Thessalonikis.

It is a narrow bread that is rounded into an ‘O’ shape. The crispy outside is sprinkled with sesame seeds while the inside of the bread is soft.

It is often paired with a coffee, and dipped in it too! While a traditional breakfast on-the-go staple, in modern times people also add ham and cream cheese, or even tomato to make a sandwich.

Bread With Added Butter And Some Honey

Bread with Added Butter and Some Honey

This breakfast is one that is made for those who want a filling breakfast but are in a rush – after all, they can be taken to work with you.

Traditionally the bread is homemade, along with room-temperature butter and a delicious blossom or thyme honey.

However, store-bought bread will do as well!

Yogurt With Added Honey

Yogurt With Added Honey

If there is one thing that comes to mind when a Greek breakfast is mentioned, it should be yogurt. They are known for their delicious thick yogurt, which is different from the kind that you buy from your local store.

It is often said it is similar to greek rice pudding in texture and has a crust that is formed when eaten in a clay pot.

To recreate this, place Greek yogurt into a bowl and drizzle honey over the top to cut some of that sourness. For some crunch, add some walnuts.

Greek Coffee With A Spoon Of Sweets

Greek Coffee With a Spoon of Sweets

If you want to try a traditional and low-calorie option, then drinking a bitter Greek coffee alongside spooned sweets is ideal.

It is a traditional breakfast that is also quite unusual for those who are not from Greece. The sweets are fruits that have been preserved in sweet syrup and then boiled.

They are the size to fit a spoon, and when eaten help to cut out the bitterness of the coffee. You can also get different flavors, from lemon and strawberry to obscure flavors such as eggplant and rose petal.

Final Thoughts

While Greece does not have a national breakfast, they do have some typical breakfast staples.

Often, many of them have historical origins like the pie, which is still eaten and enjoyed today. This also includes the Greek coffee and sweet spoon option.

If you want a filling and nutritious breakfast, then a Greek dish is one that you will find absolutely delicious and filling for the day ahead. So, happy vacationing or cooking your own!

Andrea Arthur