What Do They Eat For Breakfast In Morocco?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and starting your day with a healthy and tasty breakfast will ensure that you have a great day.

What Do They Eat For Breakfast In Morocco?

Moroccan breakfasts are absolutely delicious.

Whether you’re on a trip to Morocco and you’re wondering what to order for your first meal of the day, or you’re looking to recreate some great Moroccan breakfasts, you’ve come to the right place! 

Read on for the low down of what to eat for breakfast in Morocco.

Are Moroccan Breakfasts Healthy?

Moroccan breakfasts are notorious for giving both your body and your mind everything it needs to start off the day right.

These breakfasts use high-quality, fresh ingredients that will give you plenty of energy, nutrients, and vitamins.

Read on for some of the common Moroccan breakfasts. 


What Do They Eat For Breakfast In Morocco?

Jben is a fresh Moroccan cheese. This cheese originates in the Rif Mountains. This mountain is in northern Morocco.

The cheese is very soft and it is used all over Morocco in various dishes. 

Jben can be found in all stores in Morocco, however, most people make it themselves at home. It is very easy to make and very rewarding.

Dark Moroccan Olives 

What Do They Eat For Breakfast In Morocco?

Dark Moroccan Olives are served with every breakfast in Morocco.

These olives are preserved naturally, only using salt. They are absolutely delicious and full of flavor. 

These olives are served alongside Moroccan breakfasst as an appetizer. You will always have these olives within reach during breakfast.

Fried Egg With Olives 

What Do They Eat For Breakfast In Morocco?

This is one of the most traditional Moroccan dishes. It is absolutely delicious. It consists of a fried egg, some dark Moroccan Olives, soft cheese and plenty of olive oil.

This combination of flavors works great and it mixes together a lot of ingredients that are very common in Moroccan dishes. 

Khlea And Eggs 

What Do They Eat For Breakfast In Morocco?

Khlea is a very popular breakfast in Morocco. Khlea is dried meat and it is the main part of this breakfast.

For this traditional dish, pair the khlea with some fried eggs.

Again, this dish is served with some bread and it is usually served alongside a mint tea, orange juice, or milky coffee.


What Do They Eat For Breakfast In Morocco?

Msemen is a square bread that is similar in texture to a crepe or a pancake. It can be served with butter, honey and soft cheese.

Sometimes, this is served on the side, and sometimes it is served with these ingredients already spread over it.

It can also be rolled up and eaten on the go, making it a perfect breakfast if you are pressed for time.


What Do They Eat For Breakfast In Morocco?

B’ssara is another traditional Moroccan breakfast that is very popular.

It is a filling bean soup and the main ingredient in this dish is fava beans that have been blended.

This is a slightly different breakfast as it has some kick due to the chillies that are in the dish.

It is also flavored using cumin. This dish is eaten with bread so it will keep you nice and full throughout the morning.

This is a great dish to soak up the alcohol throughout the day.


What Do They Eat For Breakfast In Morocco?

Mortadella is a type of meat that is made from chicken and turkey. It doesn’t contain pork.

This meat is sliced and it is served with certain cheeses and sliced bread. Bread is a common theme throughout all of the breakfasts that are commonly eaten in Morocco. 


What Do They Eat For Breakfast In Morocco?

This is a common breakfast in lots of different countries. In Morocco, fruit is commonly served along with plain yogurt or on its own.

It is a very quick and easy meal to make and it is very healthy, too.

The fruit that is commonly eaten for breakfast in Morocco are things like apples, bananas, oranges, grapes and pomegranates. 


What Do They Eat For Breakfast In Morocco?

Sfenj is a great dish as it is a type of deep-fried Moroccan fritter. This dish will satisfy your sweet tooth if you like to have something sweet in the mornings.

They are commonly bought from a local seller rather than made at home. They are best when they are eaten while still hot! 


What Do They Eat For Breakfast In Morocco?

Harca is a type of bread that is made in Morocco. It is commonly made from semolina flour.

It is large and round and it is commonly eaten with soft cheese and honey.

The bread itself is large and round, and so it is common for people to tear off chunks of this bread and dip it in the cheese and honey. It is very buttery bread.

Moroccan Mint Tea

What Do They Eat For Breakfast In Morocco?

One of the most common breakfast drinks is the Moroccan mint tea.

It is a staple of every Moroccan table for every meal, not just breakfast! It is known as the official drink of Morocco

This tea is sweet, fresh and strong in flavor. Moroccans will often add their own herbs to the tea.

It is usually served in a special teapot known as an artisanal teapot. This is designed so that the tea is in direct contact with heat. 

This tea is made using gunpowder tea leaves, fresh mint and sugar. It is a very fragrant and delicious tea.

Other Common Breakfast Foods

Omelets and boiled eggs are also very common breakfast foods. They are usually flavored using cumin and salt.

They also often eat various different pieces of bread served with a dip called amiou. This is made from honey, almonds, and argan oil. 

Influences From Other Countries 

Croissants and lots of other French pastries are often found in Morocco.

This is because, during the times when the French colonized Morocco, they left lots of influences on the food. 

Final Thoughts 

Moroccan breakfasts are absolutely delicious and they come in many different shapes and sizes.

You will spot some common themes in Moroccan breakfasts, including eggs, honey, bread, cumin spices and lots more!

You should definitely give these delicious Moroccan breakfasts a try if you are visiting the country, or make some at home to try out! I guarantee these dishes will be a hit.

Andrea Arthur