Tarifa to Tangier Ferry: Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar Made Easy

If you’re planning a trip from a Spanish port to the Moroccan coast, you’ve probably considered taking the Tarifa to Tangiers Ferry.

tangier ville with harbor

The Tarifa to Tangier Ferry is one of the fastest ferry crossings between Spain and Morocco and one of the most affordable – perfect for people looking for a day trip between these two countries.

For more about the Tarifa to Tangier crossing, keep reading!

Tarifa to Tangier High Speed Ferry

The crossing from Tarifa to Tangier is one of the shortest and most popular crossings for visitors to make. There are over 20 crossings a day, with ferry routes going to both Tangier Ville and Tangier Med.

Which Ferry Companies Operate Between Tarifa and Tangier?

At the moment, of all the ferry companies operating between Spain and Morocco, the only ones registered for this route are FRS Ferries and Intershipping.

Ferry timetables and ferry schedules can be somewhat variable, but the general schedule can be found online.

Tarifa – Tangier Ferries, Schedules, and Times

Based on how conditions are in the Strait of Gibraltar, and the crowds wanting to travel from Tarifa to Tangier, as well as other conditions for the crossing, the schedules can be somewhat flexible.

However, here are some general guidelines for the times for ferry tickets:

The first ferries depart from Tarifa to Tangier generally around 7 am.

The last trip from Tangier to Tarifa is generally 11 pm (2300 military time).

The trip usually takes about 1 hour in either direction.

Note: Because of the time difference between Tarifa to Tangier, the ferry arrives at the same time as it arrived when going to Morocco, and 2 hours after departure in the other direction – at least according to the clock.

Tarifa – Tangier ferry prices

  • Prices for foot passengers generally cost about 39 Euros.
  • Costs for children between the ages of 2 and 13 are generally discounted.
  • Children the age of 1 year or under often travel for free.
  • Luggage, no matter how large, travel at no extra cost.
  • Pets travel at no extra cost.
  • Ferry tickets including a vehicle can also be purchased – though the price might be as high as 260 Euros, with a standard vehicle.

Foot Passengers

Foot passengers are the most common in these trips, and there can be up to 500 passengers on a boat.

There are no cabins, only traveling and seating areas, along with places to keep watch on pets, and the vehicle parking decks.

How to Book Tarifa – Tangier Ferry Tickets

Ticket booking for a trip from Tarifa to Tangier can be done through the site for FRS Ferry Services. However, you can also book through sites such as Go-Ferry or FerryHopper.

Tips About Traveling Via Ferry From Tarifa To Tangier

There are some things you can do to make the trip easier, especially if you’re traveling with a vehicle.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to buy tickets. The sooner you get them, the better the prices, and the less likelihood of being sold out.
  • Arrive at least 1.5 hours early, to be sure you get there before the worst of the lines form, especially if you’re traveling during the peak season.
  • Have your documentation ready, and get to immigration and passport control early, to avoid the lines.
  • If you’re not taking your car, make use of the long or short-term car parks available – they’re usually fairly inexpensive, and have security.
  • If you’re not taking a car, make use of the free shuttles from the port car park.
  • Double-check your destination: There are actually 2 ports in Tangier – Tangier Ville and Tangier Med Ferries.

Is This The Best Option if My Final Destination Isn’t Tangier City?

Taking the ferry from Tarifa to Tangier can still be the best option for making a quick trip to your intended destination.

The Ferry terminal of the Tangier Ferry Port has connections to several methods of travel to alternative destinations.

Accommodations in Tarifa

Tickets can be purchased at the ferry offices for the ferry company. The same can be done for tickets or boarding passes purchased online.

Tarifa Port has a small, open car park that costs about 18 Euros per day. Stamping your ticket at the machine BEFORE entering passport control can get you a 5 Euro per day discount.

Parking San Sebastian offers covered parking at a cost of 17 Euros per day.

Tangier Ferry Accommodations

Tangier Ferry tickets can go to Tangier Ville or Tangier Med. Each one has its own charms and high points.

Tangier Ville

  • It’s a smaller port, but closer to the Iberian Peninsula (Spain).
  • It’s within 15 minutes walk of the historical district and the open-air markets, including the area of Grand Socco.
  • The ferry terminal is a 10-minute ride to the train station with destinations all over nearby areas.
  • The port has free parking for day trips, but also long-term parking at the south end of Mohammed V Ave.

Tangier Med

  • The Tangier Med port has the most up-to-date facilities for direct ferries.
  • Access from other companies that make trips from other Spanish ports.
  • Takes direct ferries from Barcelona and Algeciras – a longer day trip or a multi-day trip.
  • It saves time traveling from Tangier Med to locations such as Chefchaoen or Fez.
  • The Ferry terminal has connections to buses, trains, and car transports for travel to different locations.
  • There are two public car parking spots if you bring your vehicle via the car deck.
  • There are connections to other European countries like France and Italy, including direct ferries.

Best Travel Options

If you’re trying to determine the best travel options in terms of time, date, and which ferry to take from Tarifa to Tangier, the best thing to do is speak to the ferry company.

Plan what you want to do, including:

  • Do you want to be a foot passenger? Or take a car?
  • What is your ultimate destination?
  • Do you want to make it a day trip or a longer excursion?
  • What are your resources, financially?
  • Do you want to travel with children, or with a pet?

Talking all these out with the ferry companies, or with a travel agent, can give you a better idea of what kind of ferry trip you’re looking for.

Final Thoughts

Whatever ferry trip you’re looking for, if you want a quick and beautiful way to travel between Spain and Morocco, then a Tarifa to Tangier ferry trip is probably the best way to go. It’s fast, affordable, and offers connection to a number of other destinations upon arrival.

Andrea Arthur