Storing Truffles 101: Tips to Preserve the Flavor and Aroma

If you’ve ever bought truffles but haven’t been able to use them all at one time, you must be wondering if there’s a way to store those fresh truffles to preserve their taste and freshness.

truffle storage

To preserve fresh truffles, store them in a cotton cloth tightly sealed in the fridge, or clean them and freeze them for longer use. Another way to preserve them is to store them in oil, or rice or to prepare a sauce with truffles, oil, and salt to use in your dishes.

The rest of this article tells you the details of storing truffles using a variety of methods. Each of these methods will make your truffles last for a week or longer, depending on how well you follow the instructions.

How Long Do White Truffles Last?

Storing and preserving fresh truffles can make them last for 5-10 days easily if you’re not using them all at once. There are a handful of ways you can store your fresh truffles to make them last for a longer time.

One of the best ways to preserve truffle flavor is to refrigerate or freeze them. To refrigerate them, wrap them in a cotton cloth or absorbent kitchen paper, and seal them inside an airtight glass container to be put in the fridge. The cloth or paper towel needs to be changed every day for proper preservation.

Preserving in the fridge will make the white truffles last for 4-5 days and the black truffles for 9-10 days. To preserve the truffles for as long as 10-12 months, you’ll need to freeze them. Simply cover the cleaned and sliced truffles with oil or melted butter, and put them in an ice cube tray, making frozen truffle ice cubes to use whenever.

You can also store truffles in oil to keep the truffles hydrated. Cover the truffles in oil and then seal them in a glass container to be refrigerated until further use. Alternatively, you can store the truffles in a glass jar completely filled with rice. Fresh truffles can also be preserved by creating a sauce using salt and oil, or truffle butter using butter and salt.

Best Long-Term Truffle Storage: Freezing

To store truffles for a year, the best method is to freeze them.

One way to do that is to make truffle ice cubes with them using an empty ice cube tray, oil, and sliced truffles. Put the sliced truffles in the ice cube tray compartments, and cover them with olive oil or melted butter, then let them solidify in the freezer to be used whenever.

Make sure to only use black truffle for this method, as white truffle is too delicate.

Another way to freeze truffles is to clean, slice, and then freeze them in a frost Ziploc bag vacuum sealed. The vacuum seal will preserve the aroma of the fresh truffle, making it last longer.

Refrigerating Truffles in a Container

The most commonly used way is to refrigerate truffles in an airtight container.

Simply take your whole truffle, and wrap a paper towel or cotton cloth around it. Then put the fresh truffle in an airtight glass or plastic container, and refrigerate it on a less cold shelf.

This method will not only keep the truffles dry but also keep the truffles from molding, as the lack of moisture will control mold growth.

Make sure to replace the cloth once a day, to keep the truffles dry and free of moisture. Do not throw the paper towel or cotton cloth away, but instead use it to make arborio rice, to infuse the truffle aroma into the rice.

How to store truffles in the fridge – truffles in oil

Another way to store truffles in the fridge is to store them in oil. To do this, take your white or black truffle, whole or sliced, and put it in a glass jar. Now pour oil over the truffle in the same container and close it tightly at the lid. Refrigerate the container and use it whenever you need to put truffles into your dish.

The truffle oil in the glass container can also be used to make bruschetta or for salads, as the oil will absorb all the flavor and scent of the truffles and make for a perfectly rich addition to all your appetizers and dishes.

How to store truffles – truffles in rice

Did you know that rice can also be used to store dry truffles and preserve them?

A very non-conventional but useful way of storing truffles is to place them in a sealed container filled with rice, as rice is known best for its ability to absorb moisture.

To do this, first, clean your truffles with a soft brush (or a toothbrush) and put them in a glass jar. Pour rice into the jar next to cover the truffles completely.

This method not only gives you truffle-flavored rice but also keeps the truffles dry, albeit the shelf life is a few days only.

Most Useful Truffle Storage: Rice or Oil

To debate, oil is better to store truffles if you want to make truffle oil in the process and keep your truffles hydrated for a longer time. Rice works better if you want to keep your truffles dry and preserved. However, the shelf life for rice preservation is less than the oil refrigerated preservation.

How to Make Truffle Sauce and Truffle Butter

Making truffle sauce and truffle butter is also a great way to preserve the truffle aroma. Not only can you use them in your dishes, but it also makes for an amazing condiment.

To make truffle sauce, follow these steps:

  1. Cook black truffles
  2. Add salt and oil
  3. Let it cool and put it in a jar to refrigerate

For truffle butter, follow this recipe:

  1. Chop black truffle
  2. Soften your butter and add the chopped truffle
  3. Add salt to it for taste and mix
  4. Store in the fridge for up to two weeks

For more info see the post “Truffle Butter Recipe”.

Storing Fresh Truffles with Eggs

If you’re storing fresh truffles in a container, make sure to put eggs or butter, as they’re also fat-soluble compounds and will absorb the aroma of the truffle, making for better-tasting eggs and butter.

How to Clean Fresh Truffles

It’s advisable to use dry cleaning agents such as a brush or cloth to clean truffles, as wet ingredients can cause the truffle to rot and go bad. Just use a soft brush to remove dirt and store it accordingly.

Do Truffles in a Jar Expire?

Yes, truffles in a jar have an expiration date. The exact shelf life of truffles in a jar depends on the preservation method used and the type of truffle. Typically, truffles in a jar have a shelf life of 1-2 years if they are stored in a cool, dry place and remain unopened.

However, once the jar is opened, the truffles will begin to lose their flavor and aroma over time. It is recommended to consume them within a few days to a week after opening the jar. Be sure to check the expiration date and any storage instructions on the label of the jar.

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