What Time Is Dinner In Croatia?

Many Western countries will have their dinner as part of their daily routine and it makes up a very major part of the day. 

What Time Is Dinner In Croatia?

Of course, not all countries are the same, and what each country will eat will differ – so too will the times they eat. 

In Croatia, dinner is usually served anytime between 5pm and 8pm, but this will depend on a number of factors. 

This guide will examine all about these factors, along with other handy pieces of information that you might need to know if you’re planning on heading to Croatia soon (Check out Does Croatia Have Good Food?). 

Read on to learn more. 

When Is It Time For Dinner In Croatia?

As we mentioned, dinner in Croatia can be any time between 5pm and 8pm. While there is no exact time, it is normally served in the late evening. 

The reason these times can fluctuate is due to working commitments of Croatians.

Many locals work in service and the hospitality industry, which means that many will be working to serve dinner – rather than consuming it. 

Of course, this is a generalization, but it does mean that a typical Croatian dinner can be served at different times. 

These times are quite similar to other European countries – and while these times may seem a little late for some countries’ dinner etiquette, it is considered quite early for countries like Spain.

It’s not uncommon for dinner in Spain to be served as late as 10pm. 

How Does This Differ From The United States?

According to some polling sources, the average dinner time in the United States is 6:22pm, but the usual timeframe for dinner in the United States is anywhere from 4:30pm to 10pm depending on what it served and where. 

It can also differ if there’s a special occasion – such as Thanksgiving dinner.

Because most American citizens eat a small and quick lunch, dinner is often considered as the longest and biggest meal of the day. 

Culturally, dinner in the United States can be a big family affair, bringing people together after a long day of work and school – but not all countries share this process. 

What Might A Croatian Dinner Consist Of?

Croatian dinners often have a lot of seafood such as sardines, mackerel and crabs.

As a mediterranean country, the food is usually very hearty and healthy, with plenty of vegetables, tomato and often pasta. 

What Time Is Lunch In Croatia?

What Time Is Dinner In Croatia?

Lunch, or ručak, is normally served anytime between noon and 4pm.

Lunch is considered more of an important meal than dinner in Croatia and it’s not uncommon for Croatians to not eat dinner at all. 

Due to the inclusion of carbohydrates like potatoes, pasta or rice and the proteins in fish and meats, it’s not always required to eat later in the day. 

How Does This Differ From The United States?

The time for lunch in the United States can be anytime between 11am and 2pm and while the times are not overly different from Croatia, the “use” of lunch is different. 

Croatian lunch is considered in the same way as dinner is to Americans.

What we mean here is that Croatian lunch may be 3 courses and if dinner is served later in the day, it’s not unusual for dinner to be very light. 

In the United States, lunch is typically light – such as a sandwich, and dinner is much heavier. 

What Is Supper?

The word supper is often used interchangeably with dinner depending on your location.

It’s not uncommon for some Canadian areas to call their dinner, supper. 

In the United Kingdom, this can become even more complicated. It’s common for British people to call their lunch “dinner”, and their dinner “tea”.

A meal eaten after this in the evening may be called supper! 

As a general rule though, the word supper is more of an antiquated term in most countries and referred to the last meal of the day. 

Why Do Some Cultures Eat Dinner Late?

There are various reasons why some cultures will have their dinner served in the very late evening or night time. 

Sometimes, this can be due to religious influences or work commitments – but more often than not, it is due to the climate. 

For example, it is very common in Spain to have a siesta.

This is when local workers will close around midday to about 3pm or 4pm due to the heat. During this time, they will often get some rest and even sleep. 

As a result of this, dinner times can be pushed back to the late evening.

Not only does this allow for rest times, but it allows for dinner to be eaten in better and more manageable temperature conditions. 

Additionally, as workers will generally work later to account for these closed hours, dinner has to be pushed back anyway. 

Are Croatian Meals Similar To Italian Meals?

There are many similarities between the two. This is because Croatian foods are highly influenced by Italian foods. 

Therefore, it’s very common to see pasta dishes and even pizzas served in many Croatian restaurants and cafes. 

Do Croatians Eat Breakfast?

Breakfast is often considered “the most important meal of the day” for some cultures, and many people will eat a heavy breakfast to set them up for the day. 

This is particularly important and true with some military groups who exert huge amounts of energy in the day. 

Croatian breakfasts are relatively light though and can often include polenta and cornbread, eggs or pickled vegetables – and much like many other countries, a good strong cup of coffee to go with it! 

The Bottom Line 

Dinner in Croatia is normally between 5pm and 8pm but it is not considered the biggest meal of the day unlike some other countries in Europe and North America.

We hope this guide has been useful for you!

Andrea Arthur