Does It Snow In Greece?

When we think of Greece, we probably conjure up picturesque mountains, ancient culture, the Olympics – and of course, very hot weather! 

But because of the usual climate, people may ask if it ever snows in Greece. The answer is yes! It does snow in Greece and even has some very popular skiing resorts.

Does It Snow In Greece

Of course, you’ll probably want more information about the weather and how this all works in Greece, so we’ve got you covered.

We’ve written this handy and comprehensive guide to tell you about the snow in Greece and Greek winters. 

Read on to learn more! 

Where In Greece Does It Snow?

You’re probably still in disbelief that it snows in Greece at all, but the truth is that it can snow anywhere in Greece, and even in the Greek islands themselves (You might also want to check out What Is The Largest Greek Island?). The real difference between most places in the world is how frequent snow occurs in Greece. 

Indeed, it is not a sight that you will see very often in Greece, but it will snow in the Greek islands once every few years. In mainland Greece, snow is more of a regular occurrence because it tends to snow annually. 

The northern areas of Greece can snow in November and if it is a really bad and extreme winter, it can cease in April! 

Apart from the mountainous areas in southern Greece, the snowfall is not as regular. But you can certainly expect snow in other areas like central Greece, Macedonia, Attica and Thrace. 

Speaking of southern Greece, we can look at Crete as an example. While you’d be hard pressed to see snowfall, the mountains in Crete almost always have snow on an annual basis – including the White Mountains. 

Will You See Snow In Athens?

The nation’s capital will of course come into the thought process when we’re discussing the snowfall. The answer is yes, Athens will see snow but you won’t see it regularly. 

Snow will fall but does not last long in the air or on the ground – if at all. However, this does not mean that Athens has always been this way. 

In fact, between the years of 1900 and 1983, snow happened every year apart from a mere four years. 

In the northern and suburban areas of Athens, snow has been very significant with a strong presence, and this has happened in the central areas of Athens too, but just not as much. 

There have even been times in Athens where the Government has had to issue warnings and advisories to keep people safe from the weather, due to the chance of slipping and injury – and of course, for driving conditions. 

Where Can I Have Fun In The Snow In Greece?

If you’re looking for a Greek winter wonderland type of vacation, then you certainly can – but you’ll need to think strategically.

The first thing you’ll be doing is putting your attention to the northernmost areas of Greece, where the chances of snow is much higher than anywhere else in the country. 

Metsovo Village is a very popular choice for people looking for snowy Greek adventures – where you can bask in the beautiful settings, whilst also enjoying the fun that snow brings. 

Are There Ski Resorts In Greece?

Are There Ski Resorts In Greece

There are indeed! There’s quite a few actually. Some of the greatest ski resorts are in the Balkans and there’s lots that you should think about. 

Let’s look at a few in more detail. 

Parnassos Snow Center

Central Greece has an amazing National Park and you’ll find the Parnassos Snow Center there. It’s not too far from Athens if you’re looking for a place to have a vacation and travel to. 

There are about nineteen ski runs which all have a varying level of difficulty, depending on your experience with skiing and snowboarding.

It’s certainly one of the most unique experiences you can have in Greece and it is highly recommended. 

Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort

This ski resort is actually hailed as being one of the greatest ski resorts in all of Europe – so it definitely has a lot to boast and offer. 

It is situated right on the border between Greece and North Macedonia and offers ski runs for people of all ages and experience levels – including professional skiing! 

If you’re looking for something leisurely though, you’re in the right place too. You can stay in some of the most amazing wooden lodge cabins with a roaring fire to keep you warm, with the beautiful scenery surrounding you. 

What more could you want for a ski vacation, right?

Kalavrita Ski Center

If you’re looking to stay near Athens, then you might want to consider this ski center instead. It’s located on Mount Helmos.

For those of you who are interested in Greek mythology, you may remember Mount Helmos as being the mountain where the river Styx separated the underworld ruled by Hades. 

So, you’ll be given the opportunity to enjoy the usual skiing vacation events and activities, but you can also take advantage of the historical, mythological and geographical influences associated with the ski center.

And let’s not forget the amazing accommodation that the ski resort offers, which provides luxurious comfort and beautiful settings. Warm yourself up with a lovely cup of hot chocolate and take a seat while you recuperate from a busy day! 

Pelion Ski Center

As the name suggests, you’ll find this ski center on Mount Pelion – and it’s one of the best ski resorts in the country. 

This is because you have a unique opportunity to not only ski and enjoy the mountains that surround you – but you can actually look over to the nearby sea! 

It’s bizarre to think about, as they’re often conflicting concepts, but it’s a beautiful thing to take part in! 

The Bottom Line 

Yes, it snows in Greece – but you’ll have to plan your vacation wisely if you want to maximize your chances of enjoying it.

Andrea Arthur