How Far Is Greece From Italy?

Ever wondered how far Greece is from Italy? Perhaps you’re looking to travel between the two countries on a fantastic trip.

How Far Is Greece From Italy

These two countries are relatively close together and so they are often visited at the same time by tourists. Greek tourism is also quite a common occurrence in Italy, and vice versa.

Read on to find out all about the distance between Greece and Italy and how you should travel between the two. 

What Is The Distance Between Greece And Italy?

As the crow flies, the distance between Greece and Italy is 844km. This is equivalent to 524 miles. 

If you fly from Greece to Italy, it will take just under an hour to arrive. To be precise, you will be in the air for around 0.94 hours. Airplanes travel at an average speed of 560 miles per hour.

How Can You Travel From Greece To Italy? 

There are many different ways to travel between Italy and Greece. 

By Ferry 

The most popular way to travel between the two countries is by ferry. There are lots of different ports that you can choose from in order to travel between the two countries (Check out What Is The Busiest Mediterranean Cruise Port?).

If you are leaving an Italian port, you can choose to take a ferry to Greece, Croatia, and lots of other Mediterranean destinations. 

You can book ferry crossings from any of these ports on various different booking sites. You can also check schedules for ferry crossings on these sites. 

Make sure you check the schedule before you show up at the port because not all of the ferries run every day. Most of the ferries that you can get will have a restaurant or a cafe on board the boat, but you can take your own food and drink on the ferry, too.

There are 10 different ferry crosses between the two countries so you can pick which journey best suits your trip.

By Airplane 

You can also fly to Italy from Greece. There are many different flights that you can take between the two from different parts of each of the countries. You can get both budget flights and more expensive flights between the two countries. 

How Far Is It Between The US And Greece?

There are 5,977 miles between the US and Greece. This is a very long distance and it would take around 10 and a half hours to fly between the two countries, depending on where in the US you are flying from, and specifically where in Greece you are hoping to go.

From New York to Athens, you are looking at a 10 hour and 22 minute flight. It is a direct flight between these two cities. 

How Far Is It Between The US And Italy?

From the US to Italy, there are 5281 miles. This is quite a large distance and this will also take a very long time to travel. It will take around 9 hours and 9 minutes to fly from New York to Rome.

Again, there is a direct flight between the two cities. In some cases, you may have to fly to bigger airports before you can get a connecting flight to Italy.

Why Should You Visit Italy?

Why Should You Visit Italy

Italy is a beautiful country that is famous for its amazing food, culture and beautiful cities. There are hundreds of different reasons for you to visit Italy. These include: 

  • Mediterranean food. Who doesn’t love Italian food?! You have pizza, pasta, cappuccinos, and ice cream. Italian cuisine is absolutely delicious and it is rich in fish and lots of delicious herbs. 
  • Wine. Italian wines are great. Italy is famous for its amazing vineyards and the red and white wines are absolutely delicious. 
  • Shopping is famous in Italy. It is home to many different iconic designers and you can’t miss out on a day of shopping if you visit Italy! You have all the high-end names such as Fendi, Armani, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana. 
  • Cities. There are so many amazing places to visit in Italy. The cities specifically are absolutely beautiful. Visit Florence, Venice or Rome for some amazing places to explore. You will also see some fascinating history.
  • Fountains. Italy is famous for its fountains. There are 280 fountains in Rome alone including La Barcaccia and the Fountain of Triton. The Trevi Fountain is also one of the most famous fountains in Italy.

Why Should You Visit Greece?

There are also many reasons why you should visit Greece. These include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Greek hospitality is known to be second to none. It is known to be a friendly and happy place where tourists are welcomed and made to feel at home wherever they go. 
  • The food. The food in Greece is to die for. Greek cuisine is very Mediterranean and it is very healthy and nutrient-rich. The most characteristic part of Greek cuisine is olive oil as it is used in almost every dish. 
  • Drinks. The wine in Greece is absolutely delicious and there are many different wines that really stand out. Due to the diversity of the Greek landscapes, the Greek wines have very distinct characteristics. 
  • The coffee culture. For most people in Greece, coffee is a big part of the day. It is the first thing they do in the morning. Join in the coffee culture to really get a feel for the country!
  • The fantastic history. In Greece, there are ruins wherever you go. There is so much history in the country to keep you interested for a lifetime! The Greek islands hold so much history.
  • The beaches. Greece is home to plenty of beautiful beaches and it is often very warm and sunny so that you can really enjoy the beaches.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know how far Greece is from Italy. You also have plenty of ways of traveling between the two countries. Both Italy and Greece are beautiful countries, rich in culture and history as well as great food and weather!

You should definitely give both a visit.

Andrea Arthur