Do You Tip In Greece?

When it comes to enjoying a great meal out with family or friends, most of us will be aware of what we should tip and how we should do it. However, these rules are not shared around the world. 

Indeed, many European countries like Greece have a completely different way of operating for things like food services when it comes to tipping.

Do You Tip In Greece

To put it simply, it is not obligatory to tip in Greece, but it is customary to tip between ten and fifteen percent (Check out Should You Tip In Croatia?). But there’s a lot more to it than this. 

If you’re looking to travel to Greece and wondering about the tipping etiquette, read our comprehensive and handy guide below and learn what you should know about tipping! 

Tipping In Greece

As we said, it is not an obligation to tip in Greece but it is customary. Unlike the United States, tipping in Greece is a very personal thing and reflects your experience to things such as a restaurant or bar. 

In other words, if you have had a particularly good experience in a Greek restaurant, you may want to reflect your pleasure financially – but it may not be that easy to do so. 

Below, we’ll examine how you can tip different services and the amount of money you should consider handing over! 

Tipping In Cafes

There’s likely going to come a time when you’re traveling in Greece that you will visit a cafe. Many cafes in Greece will exceed your service expectations, so you’ll probably want to tip the server. 

But there isn’t a huge tipping culture with cafes in Greece, so sometimes you won’t know how you can tip. Take a look over at the cash register and you might see a little jar with a euro sign on it.

If you see this, simply put in the amount you feel comfortable with that reflects your satisfaction with the service. 

If there isn’t a jar like this, you can either round up the cost of whatever you have ordered and allow the staff to keep the change, or leave your tip on the table. 

Tipping In Restaurants

Tipping In Restaurants

Unlike in cafes, tipping in Greek restaurants is more expected – but once again, there is absolutely no obligation to do so. If you have had a particularly poor experience, you may decide that there is no precedent to tip – and that’s totally fine. 

However, if you have been pleased with your service and the meal you have had, there’s a few ways you can tip.

Many restaurants in Greece will already round the charge up to include gratuity – but this will be outlined in your bill, so be sure to check this before you tip. 

Sometimes though, this will not be the case. If there is no inclusive charge, then you may decide to place down a tip for your server. Ten percent is a good starting point, but some people may decide to opt for five percent, or indeed fifteen percent.

If you’re unsure about whether the bill includes gratuity, ask your server. They will be okay with you asking – so don’t feel wary about it. 

Tipping In Bars

Bars in Greece do not usually expect a tip, but sometimes you will see a tip jar near the cash register or on the bar itself. Some bars even have a bell that they will ring and sometimes offer a complimentary shot of alcohol for tipping! 

One or two euros is an ideal tip for bars if you want to tip your server, but as we mentioned – there’s no expectation for this. 

Tipping Tour Guides

If you want to get the best sights on your vacation in Greece, you’ll likely be hiring a tour guide. If you do this, it is customary to tip your tour guide. 

It can get a little tricky to know what tips to provide with tour guides, but as a general rule – you should tip around two euros per person for a standard day tour, but increase this to about fifteen to twenty euros for private or VIP tours. 

Tipping Cab Drivers

There may come a time that you’ll want to take a cab to a particular area on the Greek island you’re on (You might also want to check out What Is The Largest Greek Island?). However, tipping cabs can be a little tricky depending on what sort of cab service it is and where you are. 

The simplest way to do it is to round up the cost to the nearest euro. If you want to tip more for exceptional service, that’s fine – but be aware that the cab service does not necessarily expect a tip, so try to avoid overpaying! 

Tipping Airport Shuttle

Much like cab services in Greece, you are not expected to tip – but one or two euros would be a nice tip to hand over if you’re very happy with the service. 

Tipping Hotel Staff

Tipping Hotel Staff

Most staff members at hotels in Greece will not expect a tip, but the option might become available if there are jars around or if you want to round up your price to the nearest euro. 

Concierges however often go above and beyond for vacation goers, so it’s a nice gesture to tip about five euros. 

Bellhops often carry your bags up several flights of stairs in hot climates and they work long hours, so they may also expect a tip. Depending on their service, you should tip around three to five euros for their assistance. 

If your hotel has a private spa, you may wish to tip for exceptional service. Again, there’s no obligation to do this – but ten percent is a good amount to tip. 

The Bottom Line

Tipping in Greece is not expected as such for most services, but it’s customary for some. In reality, the amount you tip will come down to how good the service is!

Andrea Arthur