How Far Is Spain From Italy?

For anyone that lives outside of Europe, the distance between Spain and Italy might be a little unknown. When looking at a map, they don’t look too far away from each other, right?

How Far Is Spain From Italy

Well, the shortest distance between Spain and Italy is 853 miles – but of course, it’s not that simple is it! 

This guide will examine the distances and travelling information from Spain to Italy, along with a whole host of general information about the two nations head to head. 

So, if you’re looking to know more about the two countries – read on for more information!

How Far Is Spain From Italy By Plane?

Perhaps the easiest and most common way to travel from Italy to Spain is by flight. Considering the shortest distance between the two countries is 853 miles, it goes without saying that this would be the quickest option. 

Planes travel at an average speed of 560 miles per hour, which would mean that if you planned to take a flight from the shortest distance, it would take one and a half hours to arrive in Spain from Italy. 

How Long Would The Ferry Take From Italy To Spain?

Another common option to travel between the two popular tourist destinations is by taking the ferry. In this context, the easiest and shortest route is from Genoa, Italy to Barcelona, Spain. 

This would take nineteen and a half hours to travel this way – and if you wanted to take the longest distanced ferry, this would take about twenty one hours! 

Is Madrid Far From Italy?

Madrid is about 860 miles from the closest place in Italy. Madrid is very central and in-land, so it makes it very tricky to travel outside of it. 

In fact, those who work in Madrid from towns and cities outside of it can travel for hours simply to get to work. As a result of this, the Government changed the working hours routine, because employees could not travel home for their siesta hours. 

Is Rome Far From Spain?

Rome is about 925 miles away from the closest place in Spain. If you were travelling via car from Rome to Spain, it would take about thirteen hours at the quickest speed. 

How Far Is Barcelona From Italy?

If you were to fly from Barcelona to the closest airport in Italy, it would take about one and a half hours. However, if you chose to drive it would take about four and a half hours to arrive!

How Far Is Madrid From Rome?

How Far Is Madrid From Rome

If you chose to fly from Madrid to Rome, you’d need to travel 829 miles and this would take a little longer than Barcelona. It would take you about two hours to arrive in Rome. 

Spain V Italy: Comparison

There are many similarities and differences between Spain and Italy. Despite their distance between one another, you will find a lot of influences from both nations. Let’s look at these in much more detail.


Spanish and Italian culture is very similar in many ways. You may be aware that Italians value their families very highly, and this is very much the case with Spaniards. 

Both Italians and Spaniards have celebrations where they will take their families out in a large group and enjoy their time together. In Spain, this usually involves watching Flamenco dancing, music and many night time activities.

In Italy, festivals like Madonna Bruna are a very popular and common family affair. This will involve a lot of music, arts and cuisine. 

Weather And Climate

The weather in Italy is largely dictated by the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. The northernmost areas of Italy usually have very cold and harsh winters due to the Alps and Apennines. 

The further south in Italy that you travel, the weather tends to be much warmer but not extremely hot, unless there has been a heatwave. 

Spain on the other hand is very mountainous and its climate changes from north to south, with the south being much dryer. 

However, generally speaking Spain is a hot country and normally has warmer temperatures than that of Italy. 


Spain and Italy have many Mediterranean influences, but they create very different dishes. Italian meals include things like pasta dishes, pizza and many desserts such as ice cream and tiramisu. 

In Spain however, the use of vegetables is very high, along with the inclusion of lots of fish dishes. This is likely due to the many fishing areas in Spain which have shaped their diet for centuries. 

Both Spain and Italy however view their lunch much more important than their dinner. Typically, Italians and Spaniards will have a three course lunch and take around two hours to finish it. 

During this, they will really take their time to enjoy the food, the ambiance and the friends and family they are with. Many areas in both Spain and Italy will be bustling with locals around midday and it will remain that way until about 2pm. 

What To See In Spain And Italy

Whether you’re planning a vacation to Spain or Italy, there’s always so much to see and do. Let’s start with Italy. 

Italy is packed with beautiful artistic landmarks and areas of natural beauty. Head to Florence and take in a museum tour of music and art. Or maybe you want to see the leaning tower of Pisa!  

Don’t forget to head to Rome and see the Colosseum, or even to Vatican City for the residence of the Pope. What you have to do though is head to Venice and take a trip on a gondola. Beautiful!

If you’re in Spain, head to Barcelona and view the amazing magic fountain outside of the Nou Camp soccer stadium – or maybe watch some Flamenco dancing in Seville! 

There really is too much to do and see!

The Bottom Line

Spain is about 853 miles from Italy at its shortest distance and the quickest way to get there is via plane. Save some time and see all that the two countries have to offer!

Andrea Arthur