Truffle Cheese: The Perfect Addition to Your Next Cheese Board

If you are a cheese connoisseur, you’ve probably heard of truffle cheese. Truffle cheese is cheese imbued with the truffle fungus, producing a unique and pronounced flavor. This cheese is widely sought after in the culinary world and can be presented in various forms, or just enjoyed raw. 

selection of cheese including truffle cheese

Truffle cheese is an esteemed and valued delicacy resulting from infusing cheese with truffle fungus. The end result produces a one-of-a-kind and intense flavor that can be consumed as a standalone or matched with an array of dishes.

Interested in a romance of delectable milk cheese and an earthy truffle flavor? Look no further! Truffle cheeses are here to open you to a world of delectable milk goodness!

Truffle Cheese

Truffles are an edible culinary fungus that has a distinct sour and nutty flavor. They are widely infused with cheese and are a common delicacy in Europe, specially produced in Italy. They can be used in the form of truffle oil or shavings and can be integrated throughout any kind of cheese, providing a delicious experience. 

Truffles are more often than not a pricey endeavor. This has its reasons though, not only is it a fancy fungus, but cultivating truffles is an intensive job that requires strenuous labor. Truffle laborers employ dogs to sniff out hills and forests in search of the earthy truffles. The search can sometimes go on for hours and is no easy feat!

Truffle cheese includes but is not limited to Burratta, Gouda, and Molitermo. Most milk cheeses can be paired with this fungus. 

Black Truffles Cheese

Black truffles are the most expensive of all truffle cheeses. Black goat truffles are made with goat’s milk cheese and have an earthy scent, with the sweetness of the goat milk neutralizing the tang of the black truffle.

Black truffle pairs well with many delicacies, from pasta to scrambled eggs, you name it! The creamy cheese coupled with the black truffle gives an unmatched flavor that is bound to make your taste buds tingle. 

An unmatched variant that you should definitely try is the Moliterno black truffle pecorino. This semi-soft Italian cheese will transport you to Italy with just one bite and is undoubtedly one of the most delectable of all truffle cheeses.

Truffle Gouda

The Truffle Gouda is a breathtaking Dutch farmhouse cheese. The cheese is ripened by laying it out on wooden planks, where it gains its creamy and rich taste, bringing out the flavor of the black truffle. It can be consumed on its own, or grated over pasta, risotto, and pizza! This Dutch Gouda is perfect to ease you into the world of truffles.

Black Truffle Paste Pasta

Daunted by all you can do with truffle cheese? Start with the easiest recipe! Making black truffle paste is a simple venture, and you can mix it with parmesan or gouda and add it to pasta. There are a dozen farms that cultivate truffles so you can have your pick, or acquire them from Amazon if they’re not locally available. 

However, using a canned truffle sauce will breeze you through the hassle of making your own sauce. Sauté some vegetables in a pan and add your pasta to it. When it is cooked, add parmesan cheese and for the final kick, mix it in with the black truffle sauce. You may also choose to only season it with black truffle salt, which is available in stores as well as online.

Et voila! You’ve made your first truffle cheese dish. If you wish to try a more intense flavor, white truffles are an excellent, albeit expensive choice. Switch things up with a hearty grilled cheese layered with the aromatic intensity of the white truffle. 

Truffle Tremor

Truffle tremor is something you need to add to your list if you’re thinking of sampling truffle cheese. Formulated from unpasteurized goat’s milk, this cheese is a soft and ripened milk cheese dotted with the herbaceous essence of the black truffle. Its champagne white coloring dotted with black truffle bits gives a lactic yet tangy flavor. 


Truffle cheeses are an experience within themselves. Whether you wish to consume it in all its raw goodness or couple it with a dish, it is a flavorful endeavor. We’ve listed all the important things you need to know to embark on the journey of feasting on truffle cheeses!

Andrea Arthur